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Citrine Stone - 10.79cts / Octagon

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Type: Gemstone

This attractive yellow citrine stone is a birthstone for November and also the thirteenth anniversary gemstone.

  1. Name : Citrine Stone
  2. Shape : Octagon 
  3. Weight : 10.79
  4. Dimension : 15.7x12.04x8
  5. Price : $5/cts
  6. Certification : GIA Certified 


Perfect Shine Gems is a reputed global gemstone supplier that offers an exquisite collection of natural gemstones. Their gemstone collection is further adorned with this brilliant loose citrine stone. 

With over a decade of meticulous craftsmanship experience, Perfect Shine Gems is the safest online gemstone store that offers an impressive variety of loose, natural and original gemstones, for its worldwide customers to shop gemstones online, particularly to buy loose citrine stone online.

Citrine Stone - 10.79cts / Octagon

Citrine Stone - 10.79cts / Octagon