Gemini Birthstone - Lucky Gemstones for Gemini
Gemstone for Gemini- Gemini birthstone. Find what is Geminis birthstone, what gemstone should a Gemini wear. A Gemini birthstone transforms energy from nature and gives benefits to the one wearing it.
How to Tell a Real Sapphire from a Fake Sapphire
Sapphire is a precious gemstone which has been considered as a prized possession for a very long time. One of the top asked questions while buying any gemstone has always been if it is natural or fake. We have listed a few ways to tell a real sapphire from a fake sapphire.
Birthstone for July: Ruby | Facts, Significance &
Birthstone for July, Ruby Stone is often called the king of gemstone. Get to know the wonderful history behind this precious gemstone, the significance of ruby on the wearer and some interesting facts about this July birthstone. Also, find out where and how to buy ruby online.
Guide to When you Buy Gemstones Online, First Tim
When buying gemstones online first time from a seller there are a lot of things to be kept in mind so that you don't get duped and are well informed. While there are a lot of genuine online gemstone stores which sell real & natural gemstones there are a few ones which give a bad reputation to the whole online gemstone industry taking advantage of lack of knowledge and due deligence on part of the customer. In this article we tell you some of things you should definitely ask your online gemstone seller when buying from it for the first time