Initeresting Gemstones: The Hope Diamond Part 1

Initeresting Gemstones: The Hope Diamond Part 1

The Hope Diamond is among the most famous gemstones in history. The fame the came to this huge gem is for the fortunes that befell its owners. The 45.52 carat blue diamond mined from Guntur, India is known to be a part of the Golconda Diamonds. The famous Golconda mines have produced some the largest gemstones known to man. All of them had stories to share of this gem.

The first documented owner of the diamond is a French gem merchant named Jean-Baptiste Tavernier. Among the stories associated with him was that he stole the gemstone from a temple. However, official accounts state that he bought the diamond while he is on one of trips to India before 1668. It is believed that he stole it or was eaten by dogs afterwards, or he died on the Indian dessert. After selling the diamond, he was defrauded by his nephew, costing him his entire fortune. Contrary to these myths, he actually died in Russia, a rich man. He became the starting point of the diamond’s history.

At this time, the stone is known as French Blue. Tavernier sold the gemstone to King Louis XIV. He bought 44 large gems and countless smaller ones from the merchant. Among these was the hope diamond. He even awarded Tavernier nobility. Soon after his acquisition of the gemstone, king Louis the XIV died due to gangrene and passed the stone to his son. His son Louis the XV passed it to his grandson King Louis XVI.  It was kept as part of the royal family’s jewel collection, that is until the French Revolution. This is when King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette had both met their demise on 1793.  

At this time, the French National Assembly has taken position of the crown jewels. They were stored in a warehouse but later on was robbed. The entire collection has disappeared without any trace.

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