How to Tell a Real Sapphire from a Fake Sapphire Stone

Sapphire Stone - Tell a real sapphire from a fake Sapphire

A variety of mineral corundum, Sapphire is a precious gemstone which has been considered as a prized possession for a very long time. Sapphires are available in varieties of color which makes it even more likable among the people. 

One of the top asked questions while buying any gemstone has always been if it is natural or synthetic. In this scenario, it would be how to tell a real sapphire from a fake one. In the market we can find a lot of alternatives for sapphire and it is very important to know if the sapphire you are purchasing is worth the amount you are paying for. 

We believe that there is no such thing as fake sapphire but at the same time one should have equal information and knowledge on what kind of gemstone they are purchasing. 


Real Sapphire vs Fake Sapphire Stone


These days we can see a lot of synthetic gemstones in the market. These synthetic gemstones are usually grown in a lab through various chemical and optical properties. Although the difference between real sapphire vs. fake sapphire stone is not quite evident, a close observation is always helpful.


Some of the ways you can tell a real sapphire from a fake sapphire:


Lower Price Tag: Synthetic sapphires are very identical to natural sapphires however the only difference is that they are found at a comparatively lower price than its natural counterpart. 

Trapped air bubble: Along with the price factor, one can check for air bubbles in the gem. If the gemstone has trapped air bubbles in it then it is likely to be a composition sapphire.  

Laboratory Certification: Likewise, in order to find out if the sapphire is natural or fake, we can send the gemstone to reputed gem testing laboratories. These gem laboratories help individuals in identifying the authenticity of the gemstone and also allow them to know if the amount they are paying is the real value of the gemstone.

Stone Hardness: Similarly, sapphire stones on a hardness scale stand second to diamond meaning that they are very durable and scratch resistant. If your sapphire stone has any scratches on it then the chances of sapphire being fake are high. It is believed that sapphires cannot be scratched easily therefore, if the sapphire you possess has scratch marks then sapphire stone is likely to be fake. 


Therefore to buy natural sapphire stone and to ensure that we do not get lured into buying fake sapphires it is really important to find good dealers of gemstones. At Perfect Shine Gems, you can find wide collection of real sapphire stones which are usually certified by reputed gem testing laboratories. 

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